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Adoption is not a pretty present with a cute bow. It isn't a bowl of dirt with worms in it. It's more like a patchwork built of patches and stories from all sorts of people. They don't always mesh and sometimes clash outright but every piece, every thread is important to the whole quilt.

Adoptees who believe their adoption was perfect and the best thing for them. Adoptees who have good relationships with their parents but still want to know and adoptees who had terrible adoptive parents and are full of righteous pain.

Birthparents/Firstparents/Natural Parents who feel they were cheated, abused, lied to and many with cause. We have some who willingly gave up their children but may have regretted it later or may still feel that it was the best thing.

Adoptive Parents who want to understand all the possibilities of what it means to be adopted, others who just want to hear how perfect it is, and still others who speak like it's all about them.

We also have all the threads that fill the gaps in between.

We fight and we argue, we cry and we comfort, we love and we hate, we scream and we whimper, we hope and we dream. Some of us have hearts of strength, other have hearts in shards. Some of us are filled with pain, some of us with light.

Tomorrow we may switch places, take a new color thread and begin to weave.

Despite this the we go on.

Meanwhile some get hurt. Some very important voices are made to feel unimportant or invalid. We all lose then. Sometimes, the smallest thread holds the largest piece together. Without it, the pieces fall apart. We just need to stop and look at each person's thread, and marvel how it fits into the whole.

So we
invite you to add your thread to ours.


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